Villa Meeting House

Villa Meeting House

Welcome to the Villa Meeting House!

The Villa Meeting House is located at 11100 Scottwood Lane. Nestled in the Scottwood neighborhood, the Villa Meeting House offers a wide range of weekly activities and special events. Activities include sittercise, Mahjong, Canasta and coffee hours. Special events include holiday parties, pizza parties and afternoon tea among others. We care about your ideas for new activities; please share them with us by emailing the Board of Directors at: [email protected]; attention “Secretary.”

Available for ren tal with a capacity of 109, the Villa Meeting House offers a library, dining room, large great room, kitchen, patio, barbecue, horse shoes, shuffle board and bocce.

VMH Committee Charter

Contacts for VMH Activities

Activity Coordinator:        Liz Clark (540) 548-1272     

Calendar:                      Liz Clark (540) 548-1272

Quilting:                       Sandy Royston (540) 548-8373

ROMEO Breakfast:       

Book Club:                   Debbie Todd (540) 548-1633

Ms. Sunshine:               Lynn Williams (540) 548-4067


Give a Lift

Should anyone in the Villas need a ride to a doctor or dentist appointment, and/or need to go for a test of some kind, please contact one of the following volunteers.

Volunteer Drivers Include:

Sally Moore (540) 786-4606

Ruth Niedomanski (540) 548-2415

Pat Hackley (540) 406-2966

Dennis Williams (540) 548-4067

Lori Hill (703) 314-5995

Steve Downing (540) 735 -4080

Liz Bond (540) 972-9157

Jane Yarborough (859)466-0734



CHAIRMAN                        Stephen Downing                           MEETING SCHEDULE on the First Monday at 11 am

SECRETARY                       Silvana Woods

MEMBER                           Bobby Hayden

MEMBER                           Liz Clark

MEMBER                           Bev Cunningham

MEMBER                           Open Position

MEMBER                           Open Position

BOARD LIAISON                  Jackie Bryant

Attached Villa Resident’s Information

Attached Villa Improvement Contact Numbers


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