Covenants & Architectural Guidelines

Covenants & Architectural Guidelines

Covenants and Architectural Guidelines

What are the Covenants and what do they mean to me?

The Salem Fields Protective Covenants are contained in the Salem Fields Community Association Documents (e.g., Declaration, Supplementary Declarations, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, and Architectural Guidelines) and are commonly referred to as “Covenants.” When you buy your home in Salem Fields, you received a copy of the Association Documents. If you misplaced your documents, you can contact the Management Office for replacement copies (fee required) or just download them from the website <LINK>. The Association’s Documents, including the covenants, are recorded in the land records of Spotsylvania County and all Salem Fields’ homes are sold subject to them. In other words, the Covenants “run with the land” and are binding on all property owners and their successors in title. At least for this reason, the Covenants should be periodically reviewed and fully understood by each property owner.

The Covenants Committee ensures compliance with the Association Documents. So when you’re ready to start your new project, send your plans to the Covenants Committee first so that they can make sure you’re in compliance with the association’s design standards. If they do find any issues, they’ll let you know what they are and try to help you come up with other options. The Board of Directors appreciate all the hard work residents have done to make their homes and this community beautiful—help us keep Salem Fields looking great by keeping us in the loop of all your building projects.

Now I want to make a change to the exterior of my home, what do I do?

Here is the process to get those plans approved. Complete the “Exterior Modification Application” and submit it to the Community Manager before you begin exterior alterations. You should provide a site plan, pictures or drawings, materials description, start and completion dates and signatures from four neighbors.

Please submit your application to the management office by the 10th of the month. The committee will perform a site inspection and will have 45 days to reach a decision. The committee will notify you in writing of their decision.

Ok, I have completed by exterior project and it has been inspected and approved, now what?

Over time, your home may no longer be in compliance of the Covenants. You may have a mailbox post that needs to be painted, siding that needs to be washed or weeds that need to be removed. These are all “violations” of the covenants. So what? Well, the Management Company routinely performs on-site inspections of the entire community.

When violations, like those described above, are seen, a written notice is sent to you. The first notice describes the violation and tells you when the violation must be corrected. If the violation is not corrected in time, a second notice is sent. If the violation is not corrected within 15 days of the second notice, the Community Manager will send a third notice via certified mail scheduling a hearing. At the hearing, the Board of Directors may levy monetary penalties, revoke privileges, take other actions to safeguard the association or seek legal action through the association’s attorney. It’s probably best to correct the violations sooner rather than later. After all, it is in all our best interest to keep Salem Fields looking great!