HOA Fees

HOA Fees

HOA Fees


Single Family $ 64.00 per Month (effective Jan 1/18)

Townhomes $ 75.00 per Month (effective Jan 1/18)

Attached Villa $ 111.00 per Month

Detached Villa $ 115.00 per Month




Information contained in previous Focus issues, stated that 2016 Assessment Accounts not paid in full by the end of 2016 would result in acceleration of full payment of the Annual Assessments in 2017. It should not have been an unexpected event to those Association members that received 2017 Acceleration Letters.

   In 2017, missing two consecutive assessment payments will result in any remaining balance  being due.

What are homeowner fees?

Some people question why they have to pay what is commonly known as the Homeowners Association assessment fee when they move into Salem Fields. While assessments may be a technically correct term, the fact is that they are actually property maintenance fees. When the collective buying power of the entire association is factored in, they prove to be a real bargain for individual homeowners. These fees cover trash removal, landscaping of common areas, two community centers, recreation facilities, utilities, newsletter, website, Property Management Company, association insurance and association attorney; and, in the villas and townhomes, snow removal, streets, sidewalks, and lawn maintenance. They also include savings for future big-ticket items like roofs, hot water heaters, and repaving—which means homeowners will not be hit unexpectedly with a special assessment or loan payback when the Community Center’s roof needs to be replaced in a few years. All of these costs are accumulated and provide input into the Annual Budget, available on the “Documents” tab of this website.

Tell me about late fees.

The maintenance and management services required to sustain the Salem Fields Community depend on timely receipt of monthly assessments due from each homeowner. Payments received after the tenth of each month are late and a $35.00 late fee is assessed. In the next month, the current month’s assessment plus the prior month’s late fee must be paid in full before the tenth of the month, or a second late fee will be charged. The CC&R’s provide the authority for the Salem Fields Community Association to charge late fees and proceed with a lien on your property or foreclosure proceedings for nonpayment of assessments. Learn more about your payment options so that you won’t receive a late fee.

Ok, can you describe my payment options?

First of all, the Salem Fields Community Association contracts with the Property Manager, First Service Residential to provide four payment options and manage homeowner accounts. As you review these options, be careful to account for processing times to ensure your account is credited by the tenth of the month. You may send your payment before the tenth, but unless it is processed by the tenth, your payment is late and you will be assessed a $35.00 late fee.

Automatic Debit – You can sign up for the Automatic Debit Program with the First Service Residential – not the Association. With this program, you, the owner, authorizes First Service to withdraw the recurring assessment amount out of your bank account during the first week of each month via ACH transfer. This is the best way to avoid those late fees.

Lockbox – You may make payments by check or money order mailed to the Lockbox post office box (P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101) with a payment coupon. First Service mails payment coupons at the beginning of the year to all owners who are not signed up for Automatic Debit. If your account is in collection or at the attorney, your payment is sent to an exception queue for review by the Association’s property management, First Service Residential’s accounting office prior to processing.

ClickPay– You can log onto PayLease via the First Service website (www.fsresidential.com) or   https://www.clickpay.com/registration. Through PayLease, you may make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payment. You determine how much to pay, how often and when to schedule the automatic withdrawal. PayLease will charge processing fees unless you select the recurring e-check method. Caution, these payments take 72 business hours before they will be credited to your account. You do have the option of paying a fee for a rush payment process of 24 business hours. To learn more about the process of using Paylease, please visit https://clickpayresidents.uservoice.com.

E-Klik – You may want to pay your assessment using your own online bill paying service. The First Service lockbox provider, Klik, can receive these payments electronically through a bill pay service clearing house as opposed to a paper check. Again, there is a 72 business hour processing time for these payments. If your bank does not work with one Klik’s clearing house, your payment will be mailed to our lockbox as a manual check from your bank; therefore, processing time may be longer than 72 business hours.