Meet The Board

Meet The Board


PRESIDENT                     Peggy Moynahan                       THE BOARD MEET  on the 4th Tuesday at 7 pm

VICE PRESIDENT              Michael Bowers                          Jan 23, 2018                Jul 25, 2017

SECRETARY                    Jackie Bryant                              Feb 27, 2018                Aug 22, 2017

TREASURER                                                                   Mar 27, 2018               Sept 26, 2017

MEMBER at LARGE           Lisa Woerner                              Apr 24, 2018                 Oct 24, 2017

________________________________________________________________May 22, 2018                Nov 27, 2017

                                                      ANNUAL MEETING   Jun  26, 2018                Dec 19, 2017

2016 SFCA Board Code ofConduct

President and Vice President

Salem Fields enjoys the excellent leadership of a responsible board. Heading the board is Peggy Moynahan, who serves as president and the vice president Michael Bowers. Some of the special duties of the president include:

  •  Working closely with the board, manager, and residents to establish the overall goals of the association.
  •  Ensuring that the association operates according to the association governing documents.
  •  Presiding at board and other meetings, prepares meeting agendas, and ensures that valid voting procedures are used.
  •  Identifying and training potential association leaders.
  •  Working closely with professional managers and other association professionals to ensure the successful operation of the association.
  • Serving as the official spokesperson for the community.


All members of the board are responsible for the association’s overall financial health; but our treasurer, Vacant  has specific duties to protect the association’s assets. These duties—and the authority to exercise them—are found in the association’s governing documents and also in state laws. It’s a big responsibility, but fortunately the manager helps with many of the details.

Internal controls: Treasurers keep an eye on how the funds are being handled. For example, a treasurer would raise a red flag if a check made payable to Cash showed up in the association’s books.

Records: Treasurers maintain financial and accounting records—or see to it that they are securely and properly retained by the Salem Fields’ Property Management Company.

Audits: Association financial and accounting records need to be audited periodically. It’s the treasurer’s job to ensure that a CPA undertakes this important activity each year.

Budgets: Treasurers are responsible for preparing the annual budget. That doesn’t mean they actually crunch numbers or develop spreadsheets, rather they work closely with the  Salem Fields’ Property Management Company to ensure the members’ values, preferences and needs are reflected in the budget.

Insurance: Treasurers make sure the association has adequate insurance of all types—casualty, fidelity, worker’s compensation and other necessary protections.

Investments: Treasurers are watchdogs for the association’s investments. They make sure investments are sound and do not jeopardize principal.

Assessments: Collecting assessments and monitoring delinquent accounts is typically a service provided by the manager or management company. The treasurer, however, keeps a close eye on the delinquencies and alerts the board to problem areas.

Reserves: Treasurers ensure that the association periodically conducts a reserve study and that it’s adequately funded in the annual budget.

Taxes: The treasurer is the board’s liaison to the association’s auditor and CPA. The treasurer monitors the progress of the annual audit and makes sure the appropriate tax returns are filed on time.

In short, the association treasurer’s job is to maintain the integrity of the association’s finances.


The association secretary, Jackie Bryant, is responsible for preserving Salem Fields’ history, maintaining its records and protecting it from liability. For Salem Fields, the secretary delegates many secretarial tasks to the Property Management Company. They include:

  •  Recording minutes for all association meetings—board meetings, special meetings, annual meetings and committee meetings
  •  Announcing meetings and preparing agendas for board and members meetings as required by law.
  •  Maintaining association records—keeping files organized, safe, accessible, categorized, identified and retained according to schedule.
  •  Witnessing and verifying signatures on checks and other financial and legal documents.
  •  Maintaining rosters of all association board and committee members, officers and members of the association, including their current mailing address.
  •  Verifying proxies at annual or special membership meetings and ensuring that proxies and ballots are kept in the association’s records.
  •  Filing forms with state agencies—employment forms, incorporation documents and other official records.
  •  Managing correspondence to the manager, office, board members, committee chairs and others; ensuring that tone, form and spelling of all association correspondence reflect positively on the association.

The association secretary is a key officer on the board and is essential to the association’s success.

Director at Large

The director at large, Liz Woerner, simply means a director is a board member, but not an officer (e.g, president, treasurer, secretary).  Directors at large attend and participate in board meetings and vote on all the issues decided by the board.

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